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What is Telehealth

Imagine waking up with a rash or cough, making an appointment with your healthcare provider, and then being diagnosed and prescribed medication all in the same day, without having to leave home. Thanks to telehealth technology, you can get clinical healthcare from almost anywhere. Telehealth allows patients to eliminate the cost and commute to the medical clinic, as well as long wait times in the waiting room. Now, you can discuss your medical concerns and get the answers to your questions all in the comfort of your own home or office.

Optimal Health Medical Clinic is here to help you obtain complete health from home or anywhere, without visiting the hospital. Even at work during office hours, or late at night, you will receive 24/7 on-the-spot medical solutions with telehealth remote services for your and your family’s health needs.

    We are not only limited to Mesa, Glendale, Gilbert, and Phoenix but ready to serve in and around Arizona! As technology advanced, we too made progress in treating our patients. Just use your smartphones, or laptops to have our telehealth remote services. Of course, there are many benefits that come with telehealth remote services, which include –

  • Time-saving
  • Easy to book an appointment
  • Control the spread of illnesses
  • More convenient than a physical visit
  • Quick and easy sessions
  • Cost-effective
  • Just a click away

Common conditions treated and services offered via telehealth include:

      Medication refills and management
      FMLA paperwork (same-day)
      Weight management and dietary guidance
      Chronic disease management
      Yeast infections
      Bacteria vaginosis
      Common skin infections
      Animal bites
      Ear infections
      Testosterone replacement
      Depression and anxiety disorders
      Ordering screening labs and imaging tests
      Common cold
      Asthma & respiratory problems
      Insect bites
      Nausea or vomiting
      and much more

Whatever the condition, our telehealth experts in Mesa, AZ are available round the clock to make every patient comfortable and convenient to talk to and have timely treatment. To book an appointment, call 623-910-3171!

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